This is something like a very weird portfolio of my projects. They’re written as guides, but aren’t quite step by step, as much as a very long stream of events and ideas. A lot of the projects themselves stem from a shortcoming in a piece of hardware, and/or the multitude of partially damaged, but otherwise working hardware I find myself working on. Some are original designs, while others simply follow in the footsteps of others. I am always sure to add my own twist, though.

I’m Phil, a systems engineer. I live for the thrill of opening up a piece of hardware for the first time, reverse engineering it’s design, adding features, dumping firmware, writing interface software, documenting APIs, calculating permutations, and, more. It’s far more than just a skill for me, it’s an obsession, it’s a love, it’s something that keeps me up at night for hours, and has encouraged my terrible coffee drinking habits.

(This used to be a mailto, but the spambots RUINED THAT FOR EVERYONE.)

Email: flippy9 [at] philherlihy.com

Instagram: @flippy10x

Twitter: @flippy10

If you need some advice, or would like me to elaborate on anything you see here, shoot me an email! I’ll do my best to help.